Exciting new changes are coming!

Gulftel is now a CenturyTel company. And CenturyTel provides you with best-in-class communications. Check out all the new features and enhancements to your new email system.

We've designed our email system with one thing in mind - simplicity.

  • Sort email messages by name, date, subject, or size
  • Create personal mail folders and organize more efficiently
  • Spell-check messages with the click of a button
  • Insert email addresses or nicknames manually or from contact lists
  • Attach files up to a total message size of 10MB
  • Create and send messages in text or HTML formats
  • Save a copy of your messages in "sent mail"
  • Draft messages and send later

Manage your calendar - and your life - with greater control.

  • Add events and appointments in incremental time slots
  • Invite attendes to meetings and send notices and reminders
  • Enter detailed notes and event information
  • Set meeting status, whether tentative, confirmed, changed, etc.
  • View calendar by day, week or month settings
  • See appointments at a glance or view details
  • Scroll forward or backward by day, week, or month

Have all your contacts and address information in one convenient place - online.

  • Create contacts, groups or lists for all your friends and family
  • Add detailed information for each contact like addresses, birthdays, favorite hobbies, etc.
  • Compose email messages directly from your contacts screen

The new and improved CenturyTel email system was created with one thing in mind - YOU.

  • Create an automatic signature for your emails
  • Set and change language preferences with ease
  • Set spam-filtering options and block preferences
  • Change password from time to time
  • Set up mail forwarding to keep in touch anywhere
  • Create auto-responders for incoming messages - especially when you're on vacation