About the Merger

Merger Will Create an Industry-Leading Communications Provider

The CenturyTel and EMBARQ merger combines two leading communications companies with customer-focused and industry leading capabilities dedicated to delivering superior communications services to cities throughout the country.

The combined company is much stronger, with the ability to deliver a broader range of products and services to customers, including broadband, expanded IPTV, and wireless data offerings.

Combined, CenturyTel and EMBARQ have an operating presence in 33 states, approximately 7.3 million access lines, 2.1 million broadband customers and approximately 470,000 video subscribers. The company will operate under the name CenturyLink.

In addition to bringing together the complementary assets, geographic coverage and outstanding employees of both companies, this combination unites two very similar corporate cultures that share a strong commitment to their customers and the communities they serve.

Combined coverage for CenturyTel and EMBARQ

Combined coverage for CenturyTel and EMBARQ

Why the Merger of CenturyTel and EMBARQ is a Win for Customers, Employees and Communities

1 It Creates an Industry Leading Communications Provider

Through expanded networks, combining talented employees and pooled corporate resources, we expect to create a stronger company with a broader range of products and services. Approximately 20,000 employees will serve more than 2.1 million broadband customers, approximately 470,000 video subscribers and 7.3 million access lines.

2 It Expands the Suite of Products and Solutions for our Communities

CenturyLink expects to be a leading broadband provider with increased coverage, higher speeds, increased value and greater choices for customers. CenturyTel has launched a viable cable alternative with IPTV service in two markets with strong customer acceptance. The company's 700 MHz spectrum creates opportunities for wireless data and voice capabilities in multiple states.

EMBARQ offers IP products to support businesses of all sizes, and the combined company will have a stronger Wholesale Division.

3 It Enhances Employees' Options

A larger, stronger combined company is expected to create employment and professional development opportunities for employees over the long term. The technology the combined company will bring to its markets will offer more advanced and high-tech jobs across the country.

4 It Builds Greater Financial Strength and Stability

CenturyLink anticipates having financial characteristics consistent with those of companies rated "investment grade." It expects to have the financial stability and access to capital to continue to provide reliable and innovative services in the increasingly competitive communications marketplace.